Support for Ukraine

Triple Spiral Audio and its associated sound design partners are shocked about the war happening in Ukraine and how things are evolving. We pray that peace will come very soon for the people in Ukraine.

We decided to do a fundraising for Ukraine to help the people affected by this war. We will donate the full 100% to the following organisations:

Red Cross

CARE – Ukraine Crisis Fund

The fundraising will run for 2 weeks and might be extended if we feel the need to do so.

During the fundraiser, you can checkout your order as “guest” (normally the creation of an account is required for new customers) nor will you be forced to subscribe to a newsletter or such.

I have been asked to stay neutral on politics with my business. Well…. I can’t and I will NOT. I fully respect if you disagree with that, but this is who I am and how I run Triple Spiral Audio.

Here you will find per developer the products that we have put on a moderate sale price and the earnings from those products will go to the above charities.

If you don’t want to buy any products, but want to support, then please consider donating directly to one of the above charities.

Lastly, our hearts and minds go to the people in the Ukraine and those who had to flee their country, but also to the brave people in Russia demonstrating against Putin.

Peace and love

Jaap Visser from Triple Spiral Audio and from all the sound design labels associated.

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