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Subsonic Artz

I am very pleased that the products from Subsonic Artz are now available via the Triple Spiral Audio website. Subsonic Art is Fred Nongat, who is a very creative, innovative and inspiring sound designer and I can also say, a good friend!

Origin – Diva soundset by Subsonic Artz


Whispers in the Wind – Repro 1 + 5 soundset by Subsonic Artz and Triple Spiral Audio


Subsonic Artz – DystopiArtz – Diva Soundset


Subsonic Artz – Nexus 49 – Diva Soundset


Subsonic Artz – Interstellar – Omnisphere 2 Soundset


Subsonic Artz – Gaia – Omnisphere Soundset


Subsonic Artz – Computer Welt – Repro 1 Soundset


Beyond the Illusion – Diva soundset by SubsonicArtz and Triple Spiral Audio


Here some information about the talented man himself (which can also be found on his website).

SubsonicArtz is Fred NONGAT, a passionate independant self-made sound designer and musician who was born in this beautiful world that everyone around is used to call Earth…
This said, Fred is definitively sorry for all those good folks who were absolutely sure that he was an Alien escaped from the Nostromo…
To the most, Fred admits that he sometimes ask himself if he ain’t got an Alien inside of his mind…
​But wait,…, i interrupt this excellent narration cause now, you have this marvelous and so rare privilege to see Fred. On this exceptionally detailed picture just here on the left, you can see him, hiding in the most distant area of his lair; using his really weird extraterrestrial stuffs… Some might think that he’s surelly sending some message to his alien-kind…​

erious and boring addition… (You can take your leave if you want…):But now i guess that you wonder “how the hell did Fred contracted this insane disease called ASD (Alienated Sound-Designitis) ?
Well, having in mind not to take too much of your precious time, i’ll spare you the sad story of this tragedy…
Hummm,… Well…, after all, i’m home here and i do as i want… So, why not…
I’ll begin this story with this saying of Zarathustra the great:
“Once upon a time”… (sounds good hey?) there was a cute little baby Alien called Fred who was gently incubating inside his first Host (i think you call it Mum in general……………..Oh and please don’t ask if they released the version 2.5…pfff). At that time, Fred was already feeling some deep epic excitements when hearing at all those strange sounds coming from inside of this Host….
Years later one damned shrink or vet (i just can’t remember) made this comparison between those first memories and Fred’s hopeless taste for organic sounds…
Well, never mind and let’s go back to our fascinating story: As a teenager, Fred definetly falled in love with a mytic MS20 from Korg. To get the money for it, belive it or not, Fred decided to resell his first interstellar ship (some of you also use the word “moped” for it). Instant love when tweaking at all the knobs of this wonder. Fred realized then that he’d ride synthetizers for the rest for his life…and also stayed on earth… Him and his Korg have been happy ever after…
Beautifull scoring from the master Vangelis and … END.​..

Fred’s misson is simple: to spread the same love and emotions he feels for beautifull sounds he hopes he sometimes achieves to create…..
Oh…and eventually spreading some bank of eggs too… Well you can’t escape the deep necessities of reproducting can you?.

Amoris Et Lux

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