Creating sounds and music with a theme is something that I love working on. It inspires me, it gives direction, it creates boundaries and it can lead you to unexplored paths.
With Triple Spiral Audio I also started to create series with multiple soundsets for different synths bundled into a theme.

The Empty Fields serie

The Empty Fields serie is a project I recently started and which is completely different then the Pagan serie. As I have moved recently to a beautiful environment I find myself every day surrounded by empty fields. The whole scenery, beauty, dynamics and ever changing atmosphere has inspired me to start this serie and this will be an ongoing project to capture, record and create sounds based upon this.

The Pagan serie

The works of William Blake have always been a tremendous inspiration for me and his, often dark, visions upon society and religion inspired me to start this serie.
The Pagan serie contains 5 different soundsets for 4 different synths. The character of these soundsets are dark, mysterious and ominous in nature. With this serie I explored the dark side of sound design to capture the mystique and mysterious atmosphere.  These soundsets have been crafted for use in trailers, games, film/tv and library.