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Flow by Sample Library Review

Review: Flow by Triple Spiral Audio

Gh’nuhan by Sample Library Review

Review: Gh’nuhan by Triple Spiral Audio

Traveller by Strongmocha:

Traveller a Omnisphere 2.5 soundset by Triple Spiral Audio Review

Traveller by Sample Library Review:

Review: Traveller by Triple Spiral Audio

Traveller by Sample Sound Review:

“This soundset features retro synths, majestic ambiences, floating atmospheres, melodic arps, and so much more. No matter what your scoring or producing, I believe you will find essential use out of these patches.  Original, authentic, foreboding and ethereal.

Traveller is not just another Omnisphere library by Triple Spiral Audio, it’s an absolute Triumph! “

Cloud Atlas by Sample Library Review:

Review: Cloud Atlas by Triple Spiral Audio

Black and White by Sample Library Review:

The Black Bundle reviewed by KR Magazine

The French magazine KR Home-Studio put out a very nice review of the Black Bundle

Journeys reviewed by Sample Library Review

Journeys received a very well nice indepth review by Sample Library Review

“This is a library of pure, dark ambiences created from the sound sources provided within the Spectrasonics library. What the developer has created within the confines of Omnisphere is, indeed, quite amazing.
Some of the best-designed Soundscapes I have ever come across
Nice use of FX, especially the Innerspace convolution
Makes good use of the Orb to modulate pitch
If you like dark ambience, this library is essential”

Cloud Atlas review by Sample Sound Review

My newest Omnisphere 2 soundset Cloud Atlas received a 5 out of 5 star rating in the review from Sample Sound Review!
“As I got myself ready to review this new soundset I tried to set my expectations low since the last 2 soundsets (Empty Fields F.2 and Journeys) earned a perfect score. What does it sound like? Amazing! Even though I have never read the Cloud Atlas book I felt like I was on an exclusive choose your own adventure of imagery with each patch. Each preset seems to tell its own story and anyone composing films or games will truly discover some new and unique sounds coming out of the synthesis of Omnisphere 2.
Cloud Atlas by Triple Spiral Audio is another colossal addition for your Omnisphere 2 library that you’ll find the patches have been uniquely crafted into something remarkable making this an easy 5 out of 5 stars!”
Full review here:

EMPTY FIELDS – F.3 REVIEW BY Sample Library Review

Review: Empty Fields F.3 for UVI’s Falcon from Triple Spiral Audio


Rating:  Five out of five stars

Based on the current release Empty Fields – F.2  is of excellent quality, tone, and vibe. If you are into Omnisphere 2 sound collection you should definitive purchase today and start using now.


Very honoured to receive another 5 out of 5 star review from Sample Sound Review!
This time for Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere:
“What also impressed me was the fact that I experienced different atmospheres and environments in this series. I felt like I was traveling in the cold dead of winter and then reborn with the birth of spring. Tons of emotions have been crafted in the sound design of Empty Fields and Triple Spiral Audio has once again created a masterpiece. I don’t mean to gush over the power of this series, but I can’t help myself. Anyone with Omnisphere 2 would be falling way short by not picking this up.
Final Thoughts:
The Empty Fields series for Omnisphere 2 embodies ambient perfection in every way. Triple Spiral Audio has risen in the ranks of one of my favorite sound designers. A one-time price of €75,00 will give you 10 releases in one year, has to be the the best values I’ve seen in years. This is a Mandatory Buy!”


Journeys received a 5 out of 5 stars rating by Sample Sound Review

Final Review:

One of the most unique Omnisphere 2 soundsets I’ve played in a long time. Journeys will surely take you on an unforgettable musical experience. 5 out of 5 Stars

Link to the review:


Review: Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 from Triple Spiral Audio


Journeys received a 5 out of 5 stars rating by Thorsten Meyer

Here is what is written:

Journeys include 128 patches for Omnisphere by Spectrasonics software synthesizer. Included are playable Textures and Soundscapes. The include Soundscapes are exceptionally well designed by Jaap from Triple Spiral Audio and have that vibe that allows you to create intensely, unfamiliar, enigmatic, experimental, hidden and dangerous emotions support by the underscore.

The playable textures are ranging from a vibe point and usability across a large spectrum of playable tones or unique “instruments”, the producing company clearly has arrived at the highest level of quality and you can hear the experience they have made. If you like these sound take a look at a different product from this company as well: Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 which is kind of a time-limited subscription based patch collection which roughly covers 10 released of new content over 12 months.

The included patches as you see in the walkthrough below can tell a story in your next project to picture or be a great base for new ideas and underscore and tracks.

Rating: Five out of five stars
Journeys is an Omnisphere 2 sound collection with an intense sound world where you as the composer put the talent into a place where life is very defective because of loss or grief or panic. If you want to take a look first there is a Journeys Freebie available.

Check out the review at:

Traveller by Sample Library Review:

Review: Traveller by Triple Spiral Audio



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