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Modules are elements from existing soundsets and each Module has a fixed price of €8.99 and contains between 30 and 65 presets. If you are for example only looking for pads, soundscapes or ARP’s then the Modules are a perfect place to start. The Modules can also be used in a sort of modular setup to create your own collection of presets. With the 4 different Modular Boxes you can choose to combine 3,4,5 or 6 Modules and collect the sounds that you need without the need to buy one or more complete soundsets.

The Modules are organised in the following categories: ARP’s and Pulses, Basses, Guitars and Keys, Pads, Synths, Textures and Soundscapes and often have some sort of sub category like Ambient Pads, Cinematic Pads etc.
There will be Modules available for the following soft synths: Diva, Falcon, Iris 2, Omnisphere 2, Repro 1+ 5, Serum, VPS Avenger, Zebra 2


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