The Stand – VPS Avenger Expansion Freebie




A freebie for The Stand expansion for VPS Avenger. This freebie contains 10 free presets and can be used without limitations.

General information about The Stand:

The Stand is a new expansion for VPS Avenger and contains 150 presets, 8 drumkits, 7 drumsequences, 193 granular sources, 22 multi samples, 32 wavetables and 15 custom waveshapes. The presets are divided into the following categories: ARP’s, Basses, Bells, Drums, Effects, Leads, Pads, Plucked, Sequences, Soundscapes and Synths.
The Stand requires VPS Avenger version 1.4.2 and is 1.04 GB in size

The Stand is all about contrast. The clash between old and new, dark and light, good and evil. Lush and sparkling pads are contrasted by dark and mysterious evolving pads. Light and rich textures against haunting and shimmering soundscapes. Flourishing bells and keys against nasty distorted growls.
The expansion found its inspiration in the works of Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Jon Hopkins, Sigur Ross, Brian Eno, Jeremy Soule, Ramin Djawadi and Mac Quale.

Playlist with some some single preset video’s


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