Subsonic Artz – Nexus 49 – Diva Soundset


Several time in the past, we had in mind to build a special soundset dedicated to the fantastic Bladerunner Vangelistic sounds and atmospheres.

When we saw that there was to be a follow up to the first movie, the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, well, we simply couldn’t resist to to bring this idea to life using the powerfull DIVA VSTI.

Since then, we took all of our time to burry ourselves again in the marvelous scores of Vangelis, and also in all the new trailers for Blade Runner 2049.

Time after time, presets after presets, we designed NEXUS 49  with only one idea in mind: To bring you an instant immersion into the futuristic city of LA 2049 and the Neo Bladerunner atmospheres.

We do hope that you’ll like this new bank of sounds as much as we did while building it.

    • There are 138 carefully crafted presets in DIVA – NEXUS 49.
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