Rocky Mountain Sounds – RedMod Moog Tribute for Omnisphere 2


The Bob Moog Tribute Library is a special fund-raising collection sold by Spectrasonics and is REQUIRED to use these sounds. (LINK BELOW – new 2.0 version released with 500 new patches)​

Inject extreme character-filled pads into your next project. Perfect for ambient and sci-fi cinematic uses – RedMod pads will deliver. The massive new update brings the total patch count to 120. More layers of awesome soundsources were utilized to create amazing new textures. New BPM pads were added exploring pulsating and Sample and Hold techniques for intriguing layering possibilities (which are also explored in the multis)​

50 multis were created that explored stacking pads to create deep textures and inspiring combinations. Take a trip down memory lane with combinations that include infamous “Atmosphere” vox and string pads. These showcase the power of layering soft with gritty and dark textures. A handful of percussion BPM pads showcase some of the new Arp features. Bonus Sub Phatty custom soundsources are included for new content that doesn’t exist in either the Omnisphere 2 or Moog Tribute sample set.

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