Pagan I – Zebra 2 soundset




Pagan I and II are the first installments in a series of new soundsets with a mystique, dark and ominous setting for Zebra 2, Omnisphere 2, Serum and Iris 2.

Pagan I is a new soundset for Zebra 2 and containing 100 new patches. Every patch has modwheel control, the 4 XY pads are controlling the  Delay/Reverb, Envelope, Tone and Detune/Vibrato. Often the pitchweel is assigned to extra parameters as well to add more flavor and depth to the sounds.

Pagan I contains the following kind of patches: ARP’s, Bass Loops, Basses, FX, Keys, Percussion, Lead Patches, Pads, Soundscapes and Sequences


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