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The Omnisphere Bundle with a regular value of €340,00 contains the Discovery Series, NordicTravellerCloud Atlas,  Empty Fields – F.2, Journeys,  Time and Pagan III
You save 25% with this bundle on the regular price. This bundle requires Omnisphere 2.6 and Omnisphere is NOT included in this bundle.

Nordic: a soundset with 128 presets, 25 multis and 139 soundsources with an ambient character. Inspired by the travels to the Scandinavian countries and created with recordings made during those travels.

Discovery Series: this is a new one year project with 6 scheduled releases during 2019/2020. Every 2 months a new set with 100 presets and 25 multis in the Discovery serie is released. Each of the 6 sets has a specific theme aimed to provide composers and producers working in the film, game and library music world a solid toolkit for their productions. In the presets there is an extensive use of the modwheel, aftertouch, pitchweel and CC2 to enhance the sounds. Often sounds start as a fairly basic sound, but with the use of various controllers you can add a lot of depth to your sound so that it can match your productions.
All the upcoming releases of the Discovery serie are included in this bundle, via email you will receive your new releases.

Traveller is a soundset that puts you on a journey where dark and light meet – dark and light ambient pads and textures, mysteriously moving soundscapes with guitar drones, haunting arps and dark deep ominous basses. Hardly anything stands still where movement is a key feature.
The set contains 200 presets and 50 multis crafted for the new updated Omnisphere 2.5 and is created from the Omnisphere 2 soundsources.

Cloud Atlas is a soundset with 225 presets and 50 multis  with mysterious leads, haunting basses, lush and evolving analog pads, neo-futuristic and dystopian soundscapes and raw and tribal arpeggiated sounds.

Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2. Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 started as a per month release with 10 scheduled releases from February 2018 till February 2019. The soundset is now completed with 520 presets, 100 multis and 360 soundsources.
During a one year period I let myself be inspired by a beautiful enviroment and recorded sounds and created presets on a monthly base. Before I did not know the outcome and often the changes of weather, the mood of the months resulted in fascinating results. This resulted in a soundset with a lot of character. The sounds go from light and beautiful till dark and mysterious.
The presets in this pack are perfectly suited for underscoring films, games, tv or for ambient music productions. Some presets serve other sounds while a lot of presets can also be the sole foundation of new ideas.

Journeys is a soundset with an experimental character crafted from the original Omnisphere 2 soundsources and consists of 128 patches divided into Textures Playable (with a tonal refference) and Textures Soundscapes (with experimental tunings).

Time is a soundset for Omnisphere 2. It is a soundset with a slightly dark and cinematic feeling and is aimed for composers working for film, game, trailer or library music productions. The soundset contains 125 sounds, 25 multis and 39 soundsources. The sounds are divided as following:
25 ARPs, 8 Bass, 3 Bells, 5 Distorted, 7 Drones, 5 Guitars, 5 Hybrids, 5 Keys, 6 Leads, 16 Pads, 8 Percussion, 21 Soundscapes and 12 Transitions.

Pagan III – Impacts. An all percussive soundset for Omnisphere 2 with various types of impacts, ARP’s, transitions, wooshbangs, fx and reverses.
The soundset contains 125 new patches and 76 soundsources created from original content that was recorded over the years for my own projects and some of that material is now used for Pagan III

Try some of the sounds with this Omnisphere 2 Freebie which contains a collection of presets from these soundsets to test




Traveller a Omnisphere 2.5 soundset by Triple Spiral Audio Review

Cloud Atlas:

Empty Fields – F.2


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