Lifetime Bundle




The Lifetime Bundle gives access to the complete collection from Triple Spiral Audio. Every soundset and library from the past, present and future is included. Get access to all the released products and receive automatically every new release.
If you have 3 or more products or if you have a purchased a bundle in the past and have interest in the Lifetime Bundle, then please contact me for a personal discount at

How does it work: upon ordering this bundle you will receive a coupon that will give you full access to the collection. You can use this coupon to order for free any of the products at your own pace and add them to your account. Registering an account (if you don’t have one) is adviced as I will add the new future releases to your account. You can register an account here:
If you order any of the products with your coupon, make sure you are logged in as the products will then be automatically connected to your account. If you wish to add any products later on to your account, contact me on
Furthermore you will receive any new release in the future. The price of the bundle might increase overtime, but if you ordered the bundle at any point, you will never have to pay anymore for any of the Triple Spiral Audio releases.

What can you expect from Triple Spiral Audio in the future:

The goal I have in mind is to keep growing with Triple Spiral Audio in the field of ambient, cinematic and experimental sounds and create functional soundsets and libraries with a distinctive character.


Kontakt libraries: I recently started with the first Kontakt library Flow and a second one Gh’nuhan and these 2 are the interlude to a collection of Kontakt libraries with a focus on new and fresh sounds. I won’t go the road of deep sampling orchestra’s for example, but use my recording sessions to create new sounds that can enhance your productions in combination with other libraries from other developers.

Soundsets: you can expect a steady amount releases for the synths I have released so far like Omnisphere 2, VPS Avenger, Falcon, Zebra 2, Diva, Repro 1/5, Serum and Iris 2

New industry releases: I will keep an close eye out on new releases for any samplers and soft synths and it’s more then logical that in due time things change and Triple Spiral Audio will change and adapt to any changes that have a solid impact on our industry. What is the standard now might change in the future and I will go along with the flow.


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