Triple Spiral Audio – Dreamer – Omnisphere 2.5 + Keyscape soundset


Dreamer is a soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape. The soundset contains 128 presets, 25 multis and 70 soundsources.
Requirements: Omnisphere 2.5.1d  + Keyscape 1.1.2c + Keyscape Soundsources v1.0.2 and is 300mb in size – The soundset does not function without Keyscape

The set is a scoring tool for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape. The basic of the presets are simple and with the use of the 2 extra layers of Omnisphere 2.5 all kinds of elements are added to the presets to enhance the sounds. The soundset is aimed for composers and producers working in the film, game and library music industry and as well for worship musicians.

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