Triple Spiral Audio – Discovery – Trailer Deluxe – Omnisphere 2 + Keyscape soundset


The Discovery Trailer Deluxe soundset contains 125 presets and 35 multis and 49 soundsources and is part of the Discovery Series with 6 scheduled releases over the year.

The sounds in the soundset are filled with dark, distorted, pushing, edgy sounds, but also reflective, mysterious and wide and lush sounds are represented. All the sounds have modulation via the modwheel and aftertouch and in a lot of cases the pitchwheel adds some saturation and the CC2 often controls different modulation sources. The inspiration comes from shows from various trailer works done by labels such as Audiomachine, Really Slow Motion, Colossal Music and many more

Omnisphere 2.6 + Keyscape are required!

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