CL-Projects – Linear Galaxy for Roland D-50

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Summer Sale
1 – 31 July

​was and still is one of my favourite synths of all time. I noticed that there weren’t any patchbanks dedicated to ambient pad sounds so i decided to make my own, first resulting in the Linear Universe patchbank and now the Linear Galaxy patchbank containing airy, ambient, astrological, atmopsheric, ethereal, mystic, planetary and spiritual sounds. The Linear Galaxy patchbank will breath new life into your Roland D-50.

is the follow up of Linear Universe. Linear Galaxy is a patchbank for the Roland D-50, D-550 & D-05 synthesizers containing 64 new and original patches (8 banks of 8 patches) Linear Galaxy focuses mainly on atmospheric and ambient pad sounds demonstrating the full potential of the Roland D-50.

are very well suited to be used in ambient and new age music. Every musician who owns a D-50 synthesizer and plays ambient, new age music, should have this patchbank. You won’t regret it.

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