Black DZ – Zebra 2 soundset




Black DZ soundset  for Zebra 2 and The Dark Zebra contains a total of 256 patches. All patches have modwheel control and the 4 XY pads assigned to control various elements. In the Dark Zebra version the original 128 patches have been enhanced and given a more analog and darker feeling to be fully used with the ZebraHZ version.

The sounds have a dark, mysterious and ominous character. The soundset found its inspiration in the works of Salvador Dali, the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the music of Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins and the soundtracks of Westworld (Ramin Djawadi) and Mr. Robot (Mac Quayle). This soundset explores deep, rich and unknown worlds.

The soundset contains:

19  ARP’s
7    Bass Loops
12  Basses
11  FX
5    Keys
11  Leads
12  Pads
7    Percussions
17  Pulses
19  Soundscapes
8    Sequences


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