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Black And White  are 2 soundsets for Zebra 2 and The Dark Zebra  with a total of 512 patches. All patches have modwheel control and the 4 XY pads assigned to control various elements.

The sets are available as follows (with links to each set):
Black and White         – 256 presets – €34.95
Black and White DZ   – 512 presets – €59.95
Black                             – 128 presets – €19.95
Black DZ                      – 256 presets – €34.95
White                            – 128 presets – €19.95
White DZ                      – 256 presets – €34.95

Black contains 128 patches and a Dark Zebra version where the original 128 patches have been enhanced and given a more analog and darker feeling to be fully used with the ZebraHZ version.  The sounds have a dark, mysterious and ominous character. The soundset found its inspiration in the works of Salvador Dali, the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the music of Boards of Canada, Jon Hopkins and the soundtracks of Westworld (Ramin Djawadi) and Mr. Robot (Mac Quayle). This soundset explores deep, rich and unknown worlds.

The soundset contains:

19  ARP’s
7    Bass Loops
12  Basses
11  FX
5    Keys
11  Leads
12  Pads
7    Percussions
17  Pulses
19  Soundscapes
8    Sequences

White contains 128 patches and a Dark Zebra version where the original 128 patches have been enhanced and given a more analog and richer feeling to be fully used with the ZebraHZ version. The sounds have a lush, ambient and light mysterious character. This soundset found its inspiration also in the works of Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh and the classical and hugely rich music of Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy and Ralph Vaughan Williams and with this soundset I try to capture the rich evolving sound worlds these masters have created and translate them into an electronic palette.

The soundset contains:

20  ARP’s
9    Basses
15  Chords
3    Chord Sequences
4    FX
12  Keys
12  Leads
27  Pads
5    Percussions
4    Pulses
10  Soundscapes
7    Sequences

Sample Library Review on Black and White:

“Beautifully conceived Keys in both libraries. I found the ones in White especially engrossing and hypnotic
The Sequences and ARPS offer a lot of variety and makes good use of Zebra’s sophisticated Arpeggiator section
The PADS are incredibly inspirational and useful in the electronic and ambient genres of composition
Effective use of the Oscillation wave editor and sophisticated use of Zebra’s powerful LFO and MSEG modulators.”

Review: Black & White for Zebra 2 by Triple Spiral Audio

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