Beautiful Void Audio/Audio Reward – Tempus for Kontakt


Tempus is a dual voice Granular instrument inspired by the audio space where tempo becomes pitch and pitch becomes tempo. There are 500+ sound sources in Tempus, and you can combine any sound source with any other.

It has 3 different play modes: Granular, Hybrid and One-shot

These sound sources were designed around the idea of rapid and repeated playing of short staccato notes, that are played so fast they blur into a single audio stream with an original and unique timbre. Tempus passes these sound sources through its sophisticated granular engine to produce an original and unique output, useful in a wide range of styles and musical genres.

There’s a wide range of intuitive and easy to use controls to sculpt and manipulate the output and how and where it will be made, as well as sends and voice effects and a unique gate system.

The FULL version of Kontakt5.8.1+ is required (NOT Kontakt Player)

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