Beautiful Void Audio/Sound Aesthetics Sampling – Metamorpha for Kontakt


Metamorpha is the first in a new smaller series of libraries we’ll be releasing. The idea behind this is to have beautiful little instruments at your fingertips that inspire you and that do not have an overcomplicated engine. First of all it’s just plug&play. The Instruments will both be based on the original recordings of a bigger library, with pushing it into a different direction mood wise tough. But also sampled instruments, that have been recorded for this series exclusively like a Glockenspiel, various Bells etc. Metamorpha:Allmosphere is based on our recent library Broken Bells, which has been produced in collaboration with Erick McNerney
But enough talking! Dive into the beautiful nostalgic and disturbing nature of Metamorpha:Allmosphere 🙂

Requires Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher – Full version of Kontakt only – Not for Kontakt Player

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