Beautiful Void Audio + Sound Aesthetics Sampling Bundle


This bundle contains the Kontakt libraries that Beautiful Void Audio created together Sound Aesthetics Sampling and contains the following libraries with a regular value of €45

Autumn Choirs – This library contains dusty & dirty drones and textures. While You can use the source sounds right out of the box are You also able to create interesting rhythms, pulses, sweeps and much more by only using the morpher.

Chord Organ – Chord organ is a collaboration between Beautiful Void Audio, Sound Aesthetics Sampling, and Foster’s Lab. We found an old worn out, out of tune Magnus Chord Organ, and turned it into a unique Kontakt instrument which goes far beyond its original intent.

Please note that the libraries in this bundle requires the Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.0+ (Does not work in Kontakt Player)

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