Beautiful Void Audio Bundle


This bundle contains a selection of products from Beautiful Void Audio with a regular value of €60

Included are:

Traffic Designer for Kontakt – A strange and unusual collection of Kontakt instruments derived 100% from the sounds of distant vehicles and various vehicular machinery –including cars, planes, street sweepers, motorcycles, garbage trucks, etc

Radio Tape for Kontakt – a collection of Kontakt Instrument from the mangled sounds of a 20 year old Radio-shack Vox Voice Recorder.

Stereo String Sustains for Kontakt – a solo violin recorded with 3 different perspectives (Center, Left, Right), then mixed together in the Kontakt environment (giving you control over each perspective). Each perspective was played with a different bow speed.

Turbo Tremelo for Kontakt – a solo violin library recorded using a specialized technique: playing violin tremolos as fast as humanly possible.

Musing for The Legend – 78 presets created for Synapse Audio’s The Legend. Types of sounds included: Bass, Lead, Pad, Flute, Brass, FX, Experimental, and more.

Please note that the synth The Legend and the Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.1+ are required (does not work with Kontakt Player)

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