Privacy Policy

Triple Spiral Audio
Subsidiary of Raven Music
KVK: 70217157
VAT: NL109420962B02
CEO: Jaap Visser
Address: Kleinesweg 7, 7636 RD, Agelo, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-6-45509422

If you wish to cancel or have a refund for your order after completing the purchase, this is possible on a case per case service for 30 days after the purchase and contact me at

Triple Spiral Audio collects the following information:

Name, address and email (a requirement to fill in to complete a purchase)
Triple Spiral Audio does not share this data with third parties and the collected data is only to ensure correct procedures after a purchase and to keep you up to date about new releases, updates and the likes via a newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any given time from this newsletter if you do not wish to receive any further emails from Triple Spiral Audio.

From January the 16th till 1 May 2018 Triple Spiral Audio has used Google Adwords. After 1 May 2018 I have stopped with this and thus no data is collected by these parties. If this changes in the future you will be notified and will be given the option to opt-out from any of that data being collected via Triple Spiral Audio.
Furthermore Triple Spiral Audio has been ensured by its webhost (Antagonist B.V.) and payment collector (Paypal) that none of your data used to make a purchase is transfered or used otherwise.