Kontakt Updates

With the release of Introspection I have finetuned the Kontakt engine that was first used in Universe and later in Fission A, Nova, Memories and now Introspection.

The Universe, Fission A, Nova and Memories and the Parallax Volume 1 Bundle will receive a free update in March 2023 with this updated engine that makes the workflow smoother, fixes some performance issue and has above all a cleaner, more usuable look.
The update is for free for excisting users and will show up now in Pulse.

The snapshots for Universe and Fission A have been redone due to the changes where to big (mainly due to the switching interface with the Main – FX button) and both Universe and Fission A will get a seperate .nki instrument file. 
This will allow you to load the libraries from previous projects without a hassle (that will still work on the old engine).

Here an overview video and some screenshots from the libraries with the new interface.



Fission A