Heartwood Soundware

My name is Jonathan Sharp, I’m a composer, sound designer and maker of noise. So here’s the obligatory about me : As a child I had piano and violin lessons, as a teenager I taught myself to play guitar and synthesisers. Around that time I started to experiment with recording too. I spent several years playing in a variety of bands, but as technology like samplers and sequencers became more affordable, I started to work on my own. I spent most of the 90’s making a lot of grinding industrial electro albums, gigged in the UK and US and had a great time making noises. There were no sample libraries back then, you had to do it yourself from scratch.

By sheer good fortune I drifted into library music and have done that since 2001. Over the years I’ve written for a whole variety of publishers world wide. More recently I’ve become more interested in the sound design aspect, and do a great deal of work creating content for Trailers.

My first synth was a Roland Sh101, which I still have, though I have succumbed to the Eurorack addiction and have a great time with my modular. This has led to a deeper interest in electronics, with me building a significant part of my modular rig along with some rather more esoteric home made creations.

I also returned to the fray of commercial music a few years ago under the guise of The Heartwood Institute. And it’s really this that has set me off on the path of creating presets for synths. I wanted sounds I couldn’t find, so I started making them. I hope you enjoy them.