Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Decisions on this will be made on a case-per-case basis and within 30 days (unless stated differently in the product details) after your purchase you may contact me to discuss this.

Q: Can I re-sell your soundset or Kontakt library?

A: Yes you can, though permission needs to be granted first. In order to do so, please contact me with your details (name, email, purchase) and the new customers details (name, email).

Q: How do you handle my data?

A: Your data that you provided stays within the company and is not provided to 3rd parties. Your email address that you used upon making a purchase is used to sent you a newsletter with updates (you can always opt-out). Payment details I do not have, as this is run via the secure Paypal system.
Triple Spiral Audio has everything setup according to the new rules of GDPR and has also made an according agreement with the webhost to secure the data and that your data is not transfered to third parties.

The privacy policy can be read here: https://www.triplespiralaudio.com/privacy-policy/


Q: Whats up with all the other vendors like Subsonic Artz and Beautiful Void Audio

A: Triple Spiral Audio is now also offering other sound designers and labels a place to sell their products. However it is not open to everyone. I am working now with sound designers and labels that I know and/or have worked with and whom share the same design philosophy as Triple Spiral Audio. We hope also like this to offer a nice and wide range of products and services!

Q: Whats the deal with all these Empty Fields. Its slightly confusing!

A: The Empty Fields series are different soundsets for different synths. The F stands for Fields and I let myself inspire by the area where I live. Though some share the same setup and inspiration like the F.2 and F.3, it are different soundsets and not the same sets for different synths. They way the sounds are created, the sound sources they use, are completely different and the outcome is also different.

Q: You have quite a few “Freebies”, any restrictions?

A: No, you can use the patches provided in the Freebie products without any restrictions!

Q: I remember that some of your products had a different cover art. Did anything change?

A: I updated the cover art for some products (like the ones in the Pagan series). Nothing else has changed. The sounds/presets remain the same.

General questions:

Q: Do you do bespoke sound design?

A: As a matter of fact, I do! Please contact me to get a specific quote for your project.

Q: In the past you advertised with the fact that you donated 10% to the Rainforest Alliance, is this still a thing you do?

A: Yes I do! With every purchase, 10% goes to Rain Forest Alliance however, I stopped advertising it because I don’t want to use that as a marketing tool.