Triple Spiral Audio:

Triple Spiral Audio is a sound design company founded by Jaap Visser in 2017. With many years of experience as a working composer and sound designer in game, trailer and music production industry, Triple Spiral Audio offers innovative sounds for various software synths, sample libraries and bespoke sound design.

In 2019 more sound designers joined Triple Spiral Audio with their products.

Subsonic Artz:

SubsonicArtz is Fred NONGAT, a passionate independent self-made sound designer and musician who was born in this beautiful world that everyone around is used to call Earth… Fred’s mission is simple: to spread the same love and emotions he feels for beautiful sounds he hopes he sometimes achieves to create… Amoris Et Lux.

Beautiful Void Audio:

Beautiful Void Audio features the sound design of Erick McNerney, an innovative sound designer from the “Great Lakes State” of Michigan, USA.
He thrives on experimentation, and has an uncanny ability to extract musical sounds from unusual sound sources.

Even since he was very little he has had a fascination with exploration, whether it be with music or sound.
He is greatly inspired by the ambient work of Brian Eno, the innovative orchestral work of Claude Debussy, the progressive exuberance of early, Gabriel era Genesis, and many more artists and bands.

The Sound Aesthetics Sampling range available through Beautiful Void Audio is a collaboration between Paul Lebküchner of Sound Aesthetics Sampling, and Erick McNerney.

Erick is the sound designer, with Paul providing additional edits and sounds.

Paul is the scripter and GUI designer.

The Audio Reward range available through Beautiful Void Audio, is a collaboration between Erick McNerney, Glyn Lloyd of Kontakthub, and Lindon Parker of Channel Robot.

Erick was the main sound designer.

Glyn was the GUI designer.

Lindon was the scripter and provided some of the sound design.

Heartwood Soundware:

My name is Jonathan Sharp, I’m a composer, sound designer and maker of noise. So here’s the obligatory about me : As a child I had piano and violin lessons, as a teenager I taught myself to play guitar and synthesisers. Around that time I started to experiment with recording too. I spent several years playing in a variety of bands, but as technology like samplers and sequencers became more affordable, I started to work on my own. I spent most of the 90’s making a lot of grinding industrial electro albums, gigged in the UK and US and had a great time making noises. There were no sample libraries back then, you had to do it yourself from scratch.

By sheer good fortune I drifted into library music and have done that since 2001. Over the years I’ve written for a whole variety of publishers world wide. More recently I’ve become more interested in the sound design aspect, and do a great deal of work creating content for Trailers.

My first synth was a Roland Sh101, which I still have, though I have succumbed to the Eurorack addiction and have a great time with my modular. This has led to a deeper interest in electronics, with me building a significant part of my modular rig along with some rather more esoteric home made creations.

I also returned to the fray of commercial music a few years ago under the guise of The Heartwood Institute. And it’s really this that has set me off on the path of creating presets for synths. I wanted sounds I couldn’t find, so I started making them. I hope you enjoy them.

Channel Robot:

Channel Robot develops a range of software products for Producers , DJs and Musicians. We make audio sample libraries, to use in software based samplers like Native Instrument’s Kontakt. Our take on virtual instruments (usually based in Kontakt) is often quite unique and always valuable and interesting