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My name is Jaap Visser and I am a composer and sound designer from the Netherlands. For many years I have been working in the game and library music industry. Beside composing, sound design is a big passion for me. I have recorded so many sounds and created so many synth patches for the projects I worked on, that I decided to take it to a new level. This resulted in starting Triple Spiral Audio in August 2017.

I have always admired the great developers of sample libraries and as well the producers of some great soundsets for all kinds of synths (theUnfinished, Luftrum, PluginGuru, Fred Nongat to name a few giants!)
I am still learning every day and people like the one I mentioned, make me push my limits every time and they provide a great deal of inspiration and insight. With Triple Spiral Audio I hope I can make a modest contribution in providing my own sounds and philosophy regarding sound design.

Custom sound design for your project is a service I offer and feel free to contact me to receive a quote for your project.

And for the one interested in my composition works, please visit my website for more information.

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